Sunday, 9 September 2012


1. One thing that I have learned in this class so far is how to use literary devices to your benefit. Previously, I used to use them occasionally or whenever the teacher demanded it. Now, I use them to create better pieces of writing. However, I did enjoy using metaphors and similes  in my writing but not so much personification.

2. The thing I enjoy about this class is the fact that there is so much enthusiasm during our discussion. When there is a question on the table, the majority of the class has their own input on the situation. There are also a lot of thoughtful debates which come in to action if there is a popular topic. The class discussions are actually a great part of english as it enables you to participate freely and let out your perspective.  

3.  I wish that we could have more in depth conversations. Although lots of people participate in the group conversations, they usually only last for a short period of time. I wish we could have some more thought into the conversations which then enables it to go on. With this, new opinions will come in and more debates will happen.

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