Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blogging is a useful component in English Classrooms.

A blog is used to generate thoughts and ideas and to share them for the world to see. The statement Blogging is a useful component in English Classrooms is one that I feel in favor of. The idea of Blogging is a useful component is completely true. Blogs help you express your ideas. For example if you are a very shy sort of person who isn't very good at making friends, blogging really help you express those ideas without being swamped with reviews and people opposing your statement. In short, it is like your own world. To be free from perspectives and abusive responses and just write what you want to write. At the start of the school year, I wasn't into blogging and I thought I never could be. Over the course of the winter break, I was bored, parents were out, no friends were around and sister was away. So I decided to write a blog post. Soon after that, I blogged nearly every day. From what I have seen, majority of our class do blog quite frequently and do come up with some rather intriguing points or statements. However, there are others, who do not blog enough. And when they do, it is because the teacher asked us to blog. All I can say to these people is simply you are missing out on an opportunity.

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