Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What Does Poetry Mean for Me?

On Monday, our class began discussing poetry as a general. We looked at several questions which related essentially back to the main question; What is Poetry? We talked about the different forms of poetry and what they mean to us and where and how to incorporate them into a story.

My main takeaway in terms of poetry is a piece which is different to writing an essay. There are several elements to writing a story, it can or it cannot rhyme. Majority of the poems do however rhyme and usually revert back to something the author or the poet is trying to get across. What I feel about the analysis of poetry? I particularly feel that it can be useful to get a message across or show the intensity of one's feelings and emotions. However, it can also be tedious. Poetry can be used to express ones emotions but sometimes, it can be too difficult to grasp what the poet is trying to say.

When we talk about the poetic nature of life, I think of is a poet describing a particular scene or living organism. In my opinion, I feel that the nature poems do not connect so well to the reader as compared to a poem filled with emotions and intensity.

Overall, I think that I am coping ok with the speed of the lesson. However, there are a few words which I am struggling with. But I hope to learn them over the course of this unit. 

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